Fitness Workout for Men
6 pack abs! Hit that core with this 10 minute abs workout, train at home, the beach, gym, or hotel room with no need for any weights or equipment.

Follow along with Daniel Ventura and burn those calories while shaping the core, with 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest.

Full Abs Workout includes:

1. 21 crunch
2. Pulsing Plank
3. Thread the Needle
4. Hip Thrust
5. Plank Hip Touch
6. Side Plank Hip Lift
7. 4 Flutter Kicks Legs Lower Abs
8. Plank Jacks
9. Starfish Crunch
10. Iso-metric V-Hold to Knee Tucks

Good Luck

Comment below once you’ve completed the 10 minutes!

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