Fitness Workout for Men
Do you want to get six pack abs? Are you a man over 40 who hasn’t had abs your entire life? Well that can change! I am going to give you some exercises to do a ripped abs workout for men over 40.

This is going to be an interesting and fun workout because it is easy to get tired of doing the same exercises all the time. You can modify this workout according to your fitness level, and we will use a timer for these exercises. Now follow along because I have 4 really fun different ab exercises for you to do to get abs after 40.

Exercise #1… TWO-LEGGED BOUNCE-OVER. Put something at your feet because we are going to be lifting our feet over it for this exercise. The taller the obstacle, the harder it is. Do this exercise for about 30 seconds, and keep track of how long you can do it to track your progression.

Exercise #2… ONE-LEGGED LIFT-OVER. Lift your leg over one at a time, and this time you don’t want your heels to touch the ground. We are going to be using our core and our hip-flexors in these exercises.

Exercise #3… TWO-LEGGED CRUNCH-AROUND. Instead of going over the dumbbell or whatever object you are using, we are going to go around it. Bring your knees in and go around the obstacle.

Exercise #4… THE PENGUIN. You will be flat on your back, and have your knees bent. You are going to go side to side by swiveling bringing your shoulders off the ground. Use your hands to touch your heels going side to side.

The point for this workout is to stick with it. If you need to rest that is okay, but really push yourself and try to do 3 circuits. If you are in better shape, cut the rest period down to really challenge yourself.

That wraps up this video tutorial on how to get ripped abs for men over 40.

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