Fitness Workout for Men
This at home abs workout for men over 40 requires NO equipment. All you need is your body weight and these specific exercises I’ll show you in the video. This at home abs workout for men over 40 is easy on your lower back yet will activate your core and abdominals like few others.

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It’s important to note – while performing this abs workout for men at home without equipment, you’ll want to keep your lower back on the floor. So many guys think it’s normal to have a slight arch in your back. This only leads to more pain in your spine. However, I’ll show you how to avoid this common mistake in the video.

What also makes this abs workout for men over 40 (and also an awesome abs workout for men over 50) are the movements. They are gentle on your body, yet are hyper-focused on sculpting a rock hard midsection and super strong core.

Here’s another abs workout for men over 40 which focuses on key core movements to help sculpt your abs and strengthen those connector muscles between your upper and lower body:

The truth is… you can get abs after 40. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. And you sure don’t need to perform thousands of back-breaking crunches at home. To get abs after 40 you simply need effective exercises that strengthen your core and tone your six-pack.


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