Fitness Workout for Women

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The science is clear: during and after menopause, women are prone to losing muscle strength and bone density, resulting in a risk for falls, broken bones and loss of independence. Scary, right??

But the fabulous news is that YOU can prevent bone and muscle loss with SIMPLE STRENGTH training workouts like this one!

We’re enjoying complex (but non-complicated!) exercises using multiple muscle groups for a super efficient and effective muscle- and bone-building routine that takes just under 25 minutes!

Repeat this workout (or something like it, with slow and controlled strength exercises using moderate to heavy dumbbells) 2-3x per week for best bone density and strength results.

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Interval timer is set for 40 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest (this is NOT a HIIT workout, I just didn’t want to count reps); complete the circuit twice


Step Back Press Ups
Side Step Curls
Bent Over Flys
Tipping Stars
Dead Squats
Wide Open High Knees
Front Raise / Side Raises
Peek a Boo side Steps
Delt Raise Side Kicks
Side Bends

Drinky Birds


❤ Pahla B

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